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fast reliable personal mail forwarding to anywhere in the world

Why is My UK Mail better than a PO Box?

Here's just a few reasons why My UK Mail is better than a PO Box:

PO Boxes cost £120.35 (as of 2008) a year including delivery.
A year's subscription with My UK Mail costs £60

PO Boxes aren't confidential. Anybody can find out which address is registered to a PO Box.
My UK Mail accounts are confidential. Nobody knows you have an account with us*.

PO Boxes can only accept mail from Royal Mail.
My UK Mail accounts can accept mail from all delivery services, including couriers.

PO Boxes can only be in one name.
My UK Mail accounts can have multiple names per address.

PO Boxes can only deliver to one address.
My UK Mail can send your mail to wherever you are in the World.

You can't obtain a PO Box if you live outside the UK or have a temporary address.
My UK Mail can deliver worldwide and to temporary addresses.

* We fully co-operate with law enforcement authorities, should the account be used for illlegal or fraudulent purposes.

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Telephone: 0845 838 1815 (UK Local Rate)        +44 1256 782326 (From Outside UK)

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